# Error Codes

If an Substrate RPC method encounters an error, the error member included on the response object MUST be an object containing a code member and descriptive message member. The following list contains all possible error codes and associated messages:

-32700 Parse error Invalid JSON
-32600 Invalid request JSON is not a valid request object
-32601 Method not found Method does not exist
-32602 Invalid params Invalid method parameters
-32603 Internal error Internal JSON-RPC error
-1 CheckAuthenticated Fail non-standard
-2 Project Name Empty non-standard
-3 Project Name Error! non-standard
-4 Chain Error non-standard
-5 Out Of Limit non-standard
-6 NotActive non-standard
-7 RPC Error non-standard
-8 Project Error non-standard
-9 No Access Allowed non-standard
-10 Black Uid non-standard
-11 Duplicate Name non-standard
Last Updated: 12/17/2020, 3:50:22 PM