# Overview

Github: https://github.com/patractlabs/elara (opens new window)

Homepage: https://elara.patract.io (opens new window)

Patract Hub is a community based non-profit organization, developed and maintained by Patract Labs. We provide local open source toolkits and one-stop cloud smart IDE, and is committed to provide free development toolkits and infrastructure services for the entire smart contract ecosystem.

Elara's goal is to build a similar infrastructure and network public access services to provide developers with a unified access layer based on Substrate multi-chain. In addition, Elara will be used as part of the smart contract development service, and will be integrated with other components of the Patract toolchain in the future, in terms of contract development environment support, development tools component, contract deployment and DApp release. Elara will be Polkadot’s infrastructure, allowing developers to focus on building upper-level applications.

Last Updated: 12/17/2020, 3:50:22 PM